The Spirits Of Mount Edwards Court


About Our Project

The Past and Present Spirits of Mount Edwards Court  Project is an ongoing, fluid medium whereby residents, friends and visitors may come together and share our stories with one another and to remember those who have moved on. All the while supporting and enhancing our community.

Regardless of our past or perhaps even our present life situation, it is our fervent belief that we are All worthy of the dignity and respect of having a voice.

Music by Chris Rice
Photos by Tom Stone

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Please Click the button below for some useful and interesting links about the history of Mount Edwards as well as a more detailed look at the project, and Our Vision.

Follow the link below to become acquainted with some of our wonderful people. There you will find those that are currently with us as well as some of our blessed that have otherwise moved on.

We are always looking to add to our collection of Spirits. If you would like to share with us either your story or that of a loved one, please use the button below and tell us how we may connect with you. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks For Stopping By

Should you not be able to remain with us at this moment, we’ll look forward to meeting with you at some other time.

May God Bless.